Micci Marmalade

16oz. Micci Marmalade Home Collection Candle


Scents : 
Let's Go Crazy - A Bestseller! We think you will agree.. This scent is a crazy tropical mix that you will go crazy for! 
Romance - Sweet just like it romance should be...Definitely a Micci Fav! 
Warm Apple Crisp - Just like a warm apple pie.. strong apples and cinnamon.. Yummy! 
Calm Storm - Smells like fresh clothes out the dryer 
Raspberry Beret - Very fruity smell... Prince would be proud! 
Ladies Night - This one is for all the ladies, love to burn this one in the bedroom, not to perfumey..Love it 
Harvest - Enjoy the scent of strong cinnamon throughout the year! 
Cranberry Apple Marmalade - A signature Micci Marmalade scent 
Clean House - What else can we say.. This candle is sure to have your house smelling clean! 
Vanilla Chai - Mmm.. Smells like roasted vanilla 
Kiss of Life - Very Tropical, Pineapple, Coconut Scented...and yes inspired by another fav artist Sade! Muah! 
Creme Brulee - Yummy! Just like the real thing..
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