Micci Marmalade

About Us

The Micci Marmalade Brand

Micci Marmalade (pronounced mee·chee mar·ma·lade ) is a cozy European style Houston fashion boutique featuring modern and fresh fashion from Houston, New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Playing on the notion that every woman has a stylish, confident, and fun alter ego, our professional staff seeks to help women tap into her own “Micci Marmalade.”

Fashion forward career women, stylish moms, and the college-grad chic can find everything from night-on-the-town tops and dresses to comfy designer lounge wear.

Micci Marmalade also offers up a unique selection of women’s clothing, jewelry, handbags, accessories, lingerie, and a unique selection of custom line bath & beauty products.

Centrally located in the Galleria/Highland Village Shopping District nestled amongst cobble pathways and historic oaks trees of the Westheimer Oaks Shopping Village, this boutique is a perfect shopper’s getaway!


Who is Micci Marmalade?

The Micci Marmalade woman is not defined by how she looks – she is defined by her attitude which directs her way of life. She’s stylish, confident, and knows that Micci Marmalade helps her to “tap” into her own Micci Marmlade. For her, Micci Marmalade signature style has everything from casual and evening sophisticated wear to help her express her own style.


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